Questions and Answers about Private Tutoring

By Judith C. Miller, RN, MSN

August 20, 2021

What is private tutoring?

It is working 1:1 with a master teacher who helps you study effectively and who can make complex concepts easy to understand. 

It is working with an expert in testing who can help you become better at doing well when taking tests.

What happens during private tutoring?

First, I do an assessment to see what your strengths and “not so strengths” are. Together we develop a plan to reach your goal. I ask you to review specific content and may ask you to work with a study guide. I do ask you to make a “Judy List”. You will write down questions that arise during your study. If the answers/concepts become clear you cross off those items. We start with the remaining items at our next session. I will ask you questions about important concepts and explain them if they aren’t clear to you.  You will answer some exam style questions during the session.  

How long is tutoring?

We usually meet for 1-2 hours via Zoom or possibly in person.  The number of sessions is different for each student.  If you want help with a specific area one or two sessions may be all you need.  If you need generalized help covering many areas of nursing more sessions will be necessary.  

My friend and I both need help. Can we see you together?

Yes. We can arrange for more than one person to be on a zoom call.  All persons will be expected to do the preparation needed.  

Tutoring help is available for you.  Often it takes only a few sessions to get you understanding and thinking the way item writers want you to think. Tutoring is useful as you are going through nursing school. It is also very valuable as you prepare for NCLEX.

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