Frequently Asked Questions


What is in each of the videos?

Go to the RN Review or PN Review course overview page of this website for a detailed description of the content of each section. The series includes review of all the body systems, female reproductive, pediatrics, psychiatric, pharmacology and test taking skills. Each Unit has a video and associated practice quizzes & workbooks.


How are the video reviews to be used?

The purpose of the NCLEX® Reviews is to help the candidate review material for the RN and PN license examinations.  Many schools and students have also found the content helpful when reviewing specific content during nursing school.


What if the test plan changes?

Minor changes will be posted on this website. If major changes require it, the appropriate videos will be updated. 


When should I start to use the videos?

Many students find the videos helpful during the academic program as well as after graduation to prepare for NCLEX®. Allow enough time to view each unit and do the quizzes.


How should I study for NCLEX®

1) View each unit and complete the workbook for reinforcement.

2) Take the quiz.

3) Restudy any material that you find difficult or that you do not do well on.

You may also want to use a good review book. For RN candidates NTC recommends the NCLEX-RN® Review 5th Ed. Published by Thomson Delmar Learning. ISBN 1-4018-3752-2.For PN candidates NTC recommends Delmar’s NCLEX-PN® Review written by Judith C. Miller and published by Thomson Delmar Learning. ISBN 0-7668-0299-X

4) If you need guidance or reinforcement, schedule a customized private tutoring session.


Can I just buy access to one video?

To assure a complete review the whole RN Review course should be used. If you are looking to brush up on a specific topic, please check out our Single Topic and Quick Study Courses.


How do I subscribe?

Select the the course you want, click the "add to cart" button and checkout to subscribe. 

Your card will automatically be charged monthly until you choose to cancel. During the process you will create a username and password if you have not done so already. This username and password will grant you access to all materials under the subscription you purchased.


I would like to purchase the review content for my school/class - do you have institutional pricing?

Yes! For information about institutional pricing, please contact us for details.

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