• Changes to NCLEX Testing in October September 8, 2020

    News Flash!! Starting October 1, 2020 NCLEX is changing the number of questions administered.  Pretest items are being reintroduced. They were dropped in the change in format due to Covid-19.

    The test plan and passing scores remain the same – no changes.

    However, starting October 1, 2020 NCLEX will once again include pretest items for norming purposes. That means that the candidate will have 60 scored items and 15 pretest items for a total of 75 questions minimum. The maximum number of questions is 145 items – 130 scored items and 15 pretest items.  The maximum time has been increased to 5 hours.

    The optional Next Generation NCLEX questions are also being reintroduced.  These are OPTIONAL items. You may choose to answer them or not.  They are not mandatory and whether or not you answer them will have no bearing on whether or not you pass.



  • COVID-19 Impact to NCLEX Candidates May 12, 2020

    After making a number of changes to enhance the safety of those taking the test, as well as the staff working in the centers NCLEX test delivery at U.S.-and-Canada based Pearson VUE test centers, resumed on March 25th at a limited number of test centers in major metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada. Please see below for important changes to the delivery of the NCLEX examinations:

    To ensure social distancing measures are in effect, as well as increase the number of candidates that can test daily, the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN, effective March 25, 2020 until July 4, 2020, will be administered as follows:

    • Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) will still be used
    • The minimum number of test items will be 60
    • The maximum number of test items will be 130
    • The maximum testing time will be 4 hours
    • The difficulty level and passing standard has not changed
    • The Next Generation NCLEX Special Research Section will NOT be included

    (updated 04/27/2020)

How COVID-19 Affects Your NCLEX Testing

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing and Pearson VUE Testing Centers have opened 60 testing centers near large cities so that newly graduated nurses can take NCLEX and get licensed in this great time of need.

Any of you who have your ATT please check to see if a testing center near you is open. CDC guidelines for distancing will be followed.

I was recently reviewing a class of RN students about to graduate and I know they wanted to be able to help with the nursing care needs of the public. Please check to see if there is a center near you that is open. Make your test date and get into the workforce STAT! We need you.

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